Tracey Larvenz






Isn't this exactly what you've been looking for?


Solution-based services, including project management, complete creative development and production for film, advertising, broadcast (TV, radio and Internet) and gamessocial media consulting, music composition and sound design.   Having been in the creative media industry for 20 years, I've had my work appear on PBS, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, MTv, Food Network, Nickelodeon, in theaters around the country, on PlayStation 3 and XBox.


I'm fortunate enough to be working in such diverse roles as project manager (dealing with unions, keeping the peace between various personalities, coordinating timelines, managing million dollar budgets, technologies, programming, implementation and general cat herding in Midtown Manhattan), creative director and music composer.  Wearing whatever hat necessary, I make sure your job gets done right.


My wide variety of experience gives me a unique insight into the best practices of effective production, advertising and social media.  I've worked in most forms of media (including social media!), from YouTube to the silver screen and everything in between.


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